Treatment of caries

Signs of caries: the absence of pain without a cause and a painful reaction to chemical and temperature stimuli. The patient reacts with pain to food or cold water, and the pain appears when chewing as a consequence of food pressure on the thinned bottom of the carious cavity. If you eliminate the effects of these factors, the pain subsides. The development of deep caries is dangerous for the rapid development of inflammation of the tooth pulp - pulpitis.

Treatment of caries

Treatment of caries is accompanied by mandatory mechanical treatment of the carious cavity with the help of boron. After treatment, the cavity becomes slightly more carious, but the main goal is complete elimination of the affected areas, which in the future could contribute to the re-development of caries. Then, the cavity is medicated and filled with filling material.

Our clinic uses exceptionally reliable and high-quality materials from all-famous manufacturers: Treatment of superficial and medium caries is performed in one visit to the dentist. Deep caries usually requires a second visit to exclude the possibility of developing pulpitis. For this, a temporary seal is applied after the treatment of the cavity. If the pulpitis did not occur in a week, then it is possible to put a permanent seal. Treatment of deep caries can be done in one session - a great experience of the dentist and, as a rule, possession of the technique of electroodontodiagnosis, make this possible. Properly cured caries in the future does not cause trouble.

It is extremely important to contact the dentist in time for the treatment of caries. The fact is that the size of the tooth crown damage and the degree of pain usually do not correspond to each other. For this reason, very often the patients with deep caries, who require repeated visits, come to the dentist. Such patients also have a high risk of complications in the form of periodontitis and pulpitis. Such a situation calls into question not only the possibility of curing, but also the possibility of preserving a sick tooth.


Treatment of caries. Prices
  • Medium caries (photopolymer composite of the 1st category) 800 UAH
  • Deep caries (photopolymer composite of the 1st category) 1200 UAH
  • Medium caries (photopolymer composite 2 categories) 1000 UAH
  • Deep caries (photopolymer composite 2 categories) 1500 UAH
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