Surgical stomatology

Surgical dentistry is the science of diagnosing diseases of the oral cavity organs and the maxillofacial area, preventing them, as well as the methods of their treatment. Her help is treated with various inflammations, tumor processes, mechanical injuries, acquired and congenital deformities and defects.


Surgical stomatology

At present, the main task of dentistry is the preservation of teeth. Previously, in any complex case, the tooth was most often simply removed, then to date doctors are doing everything possible to avoid this. Therefore, surgical dentistry pays much attention to dental preservation operations. These include the removal of various neoplasms in the soft or bony tissues of the oral cavity, crown-radicular separations, amputation of the roots of the teeth, as well as various methods of treating periodontal diseases.

The most common neoplasms of the oral cavity are the root (radicular cysts). They sometimes threaten to lose a tooth. To remove the radicular cyst, the operation is performed with resection of the apex of the root, which allows to remove the tumor, while retaining the tooth.

If the conservative treatment of one of the roots of the tricorn tooth is impossible or ineffective, a good result is achieved by surgical intervention. In order not to remove the tooth due to one damaged root, an amputation of the root is made-carefully cut it, turning the tricorn root into a two-rooted tooth while maintaining its full functional activity.

If tooth decay damaged the double-rooted tooth in the bifurcation area (the place where the roots diverge), the crown-radicular separation is applied - the tooth crown is cut into two parts, thus the roots are severed. As a result, the former one two-rooted tooth is converted into two single-rooted teeth. This allows the doctor to "get" to the sick cavity and conduct her treatment.

In a word, there are many options. The main thing is to entrust the health of your smile to a highly professional doctor.

Surgical stomatology. Prices
  • Extraction of teeth under anesthesia
  • Permanent tooth
  • 1 difficulty level 300 UAH
  • 2 difficulty level 400 UAH
  • 3 difficulty level 600 UAH
  • Atypical tooth from 1 000 UAH
  • Treatment of alveolitis 150 UAH
  • Hood excision surgery 250 UAH
  • Operation of a periostomy 200 UAH
  • Hemisection 500 UAH
  • Suturing 100 UAH
  • Operation of cystectomy with resection of the apex of the root 1 000 UAH
  • Installation of a single implant from 9 000 UAH
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