Implantology is an integral part of modern dentistry. Intensive development it received in the 70s of the twentieth century thanks to P.I. Branemark (Sweden) and A. Shroeder (Switzerland), who independently proved the possibility of integration into the jawbone of titanium implants and their stable fixation. This phenomenon is called osseointegration. Implants are made from titanium, because this metal has excellent biological and mechanical properties for long-term service.



The advantages of dental implants is that they can restore almost any missing teeth. In this case, compared with the classical prosthetics: bridges and removable dentures, their "native" teeth are not filed and nerves are not removed. Just at the place where there is no tooth, the implant is installed, and the crown is put on top. The implantation procedure is painless, usually carried out under local anesthesia. If the implantation is not total, then there are no severe pains or edema after the operation. The rejection of implants is rare (according to statistics of foreign implantologists, 95-98%). The average life of implants is 8-15 years, although these time can be much longer. To a large extent, the result depends on the state of health, oral hygiene and bad habits. Now about the most unpleasant, about the terms of installation and the prices for implants.

Methods of implant placement

There are two methods of implant installation: one-stage and two-stage. Let's start with a more reliable - two-stage.

Two-step procedure

  • Stage 1. Installation of the implant itself in the prepared bone bed and complete gum suturing. After 10-12 days, the stitches are removed. And after 3-6 months, depending on the clinical conditions and jaw, the implant gets accustomed (in the mouth it does not feel at all).
  • 2 stage. A repeated incision is made on the gum, or a hole in the gum is punctured with a special tool and a gingiva former is installed (the device that is screwed into the implant and exits out into the oral cavity). The gums tightly surround the shaper and heal. Healing of the gum occurs in 2-4 weeks and after that you can make a crown.

Single-step procedure

Installation of the implant is done in the prepared bone bed. Then the shaper is immediately installed and the gum is sutured. If required, you can immediately make a temporary crown. You can make a permanent crown in 3 months.

The price of implantation

It depends on the doctor's qualification, the choice of the implant system, the status of the clinic and the clinical situation. At the moment, there are four advanced implant manufacturers, which occupy 80% of this market. Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Biomet 3i and Zimmer are the premium implant segment, the Biocon, Anthogyr, Astra-Tech, AnKylos, BioHarizons, Symbrom systems are also expensive systems, but less branded. All these companies have long been engaged in the manufacture of implants and have proven high quality and reliability. In the past 10 years, the market for more budgetary implants is intensively developing, especially in this Israeli systems: Alfa-bio, Mis, Cortex, ARDS, AB dental, Implay and Alfa-dent. They are of moderate price and of high enough quality.

So each patient is able to choose a clinic and an implant system that will suit him for the price and quality. But no matter what decision you will make, the most important thing is to find a doctor whom you can trust.

Implantation. Prices
  • Implantation from 10 000 UAH
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