Where does the caries come from?

It is proved that the health of the gums and oral cavity of the child should be monitored even when the teeth have not yet been cut. Even at this age, the bacteria that cause caries accumulate in the mouth.

Where does the caries come from?

It's very useful to mention the folk wisdom: "Take care of your health from the youth". Brush your teeth should be started as soon as they begin to erupt. Now there are many special children's pastes, brushes. Their bright color and characters of favorite fairy tales on pictures will make the process not only useful, but even fascinating.

Pregnant women should also pay attention to dental health. Doctors believe that the condition of the mother's oral cavity and the foods that it consumes affect the health of the gums of the baby.

To avoid transfer of caries to the baby from the parents, it is necessary to limit as much as possible the moist contact of the mucous membranes with utensils and other objects, do not blow to cool down on porridge, use individual dishes. And, of course, do not delay the visit to the dentist.

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