Self-ligating braces

Traditional braces The design of traditional braces implies the presence of ligatures - special wires that rigidly fix the bracket and can not move freely in it. Thus, in the process of treatment, a great effort is required to move the tooth, which often causes pain and discomfort, especially in the early days.

Self-ligating braces

Features of self-ligating brackets

Self-ligating braces are deprived of such ligatures, the closing mechanism keeps the arc in the groove and makes it possible to slide freely in a natural way without causing painful sensations. So the periodontal tissue, teeth and mucosa are more quickly adapted to the movement of the dentition, which allows you to shorten the treatment time by 25%, reduce the period of adaptation so that over time, you forget that the braces are on your teeth. In addition, the time of regular admission from the orthodontist will take only 15 minutes, which is associated with a quick and painless change of the arcs. It should be noted that the results of therapy are visible after 2-3 months.

Now a number of pathologies, for example, crowding of teeth, can be corrected without surgery, as self-ligating braces are excellent at dilating the dentition. In addition, such bracket systems allow you to individually approach each correction process - each bracket can be programmed for where the tooth should be located. This allows you to track its movement and make the result the most optimal.

More recently, cosmetic self-ligating braces appeared, which are almost invisible and look aesthetically pleasing. So wearing braces will stop causing complex and inconvenience.

Advantages of self-ligating brackets:

  1. size - such bracket systems are miniature, have no hooks, which shortens the period of adaptation and facilitates oral hygiene;
  2. painlessness - when wearing a bracket system, weak forces are used, which significantly reduces pain and prevents complications;
  3. absence of ligatures - the only braces-system, which is applicable for periodontal diseases;
  4. saving time - when wearing self-ligating braces the patient can visit the doctor every two to three months, which is quite convenient for those who live far away from dental clinics or travel on frequent business trips, the process of changing arches takes no more than 15 minutes;
  5. aesthetics - self-ligating bracket systems are almost invisible and look natural;
  6. result - the correction of the dentition occurs with the participation of the musculature of the tongue, cheeks and lips in a shorter time.

Thus, self-ligating braces are a unique opportunity to cure curvature of teeth and other pathologies quickly, and, most importantly, painlessly regardless of age and sex.


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