Orthodontics: healthy teeth and beautiful smile

If your goal is to have even teeth and a beautiful smile - you addressed to the address - we are very glad to see you among our patients! Orthodontics is a section of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of anomalies in the development of the dentition and maxillofacial skeleton.

Orthodontics: healthy teeth and beautiful smile

So, why align your teeth?

Uneven teeth are the cause of many ailments. For example: headache, violations of diction, stomach diseases, ear-nose-throat diseases, etc.

When biting the bite, teeth are more often damaged. Easier jammed food particles, there is a dental plaque and the development of caries begins.

An incorrect bite also results in incomplete mastication of food, and this leads to digestive system disorders.

In addition, you will surely agree, your smile will be much prettier with even teeth. And it affects your charm and is so important for success and communication.

Where to begin?

Make an appointment and come to a consultation with an orthodontist. At a meeting he will acquaint you with effective methods of treatment and various orthodontic devices. Primary examination allows the doctor to determine the need for treatment, to establish the timing of its possible start, to suggest the duration and amount of work. You will receive detailed information on the terms of active treatment, its possible cost, as well as the conditions for fixing the result obtained. The final treatment regimen is made after determining the exact diagnosis. To assess the true placement of the jaw in relation to the base of the skull, the location of the rudiments of not yet erupted teeth, the condition of the roots is recommended to conduct a survey.

What is included in the "survey":

  • a patient interview;
  • orthopantomogram - an overview of both jaws
  • a picture of the head-RTG (teleradiography) in the lateral projection.
  • sighting pictures (specifying) of individual teeth;
  • diagnostic impressions of patient's jaws with plastic mass and casting of control models by gypsum, subsequent computer analysis of these models;
  • conducting functional tests - to determine the functions of swallowing, chewing, pronunciation of sounds, breathing.

Before the diagnosis, a few hours before the visit to the orthodontist should refrain from eating, as it may need to make impressions.

Ahead of the cherished goal is your super smile!

In the US, braces are worn by more than 50% of schoolchildren and students. In recent years, it has become fashionable all over the world. Treatment is carried out inexpensive removable plates and braces. (for more details on braces see the article)

Bite correction with braces is possible at any age. Plates are cheaper, easier, although not as comfortable and aesthetic as braces.
We choose the bracket system of the best US firms. The clinic "Aesthetic Dentistry" uses only the best equipment. And this is another important argument, guaranteeing high-quality and, first of all, effective treatment.

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