Children's dentistry

In the clinic "Aesthetic Dentistry" a good doctor meets the kids, Then every child will forever forget about his fears and get acquainted with our children's doctor-wizard, who welcomes his young patients.

Children's dentistry

The formation of positive perception in children of a dentist, instilling in them a culture of caring for their teeth and attention to their health issues is one of the most important tasks of a children's dentist.

Dental clinic "Aesthetic dentistry" is not only a medical institution, but also a kind of school for children and their parents. Give your child a carefree childhood. A duly completed dental checkup will enable your child to enjoy fun games and socializing and give you his sunny smile.

Experienced doctors of the clinic will be able to prevent dental diseases of your baby, check that the child has a correct bite. Even when surgeon intervention is required - removal of teeth, you should not expect a negative reaction of the child. After all, our clinic employs good specialists who will easily find contact with the child, calm it down and do all the necessary work in a quality, quick and painless manner. At present, tooth extraction has long ceased to be a painful procedure due to the widest choice of newest anesthetics.

When applying to the clinic "Aesthetic Dentistry" you will receive not only quality timely dental care for the whole family, but also consultations of specialists on all matters of care for gums and teeth, the necessary procedures to be taken to prevent the development of the disease and keep the baby's teeth healthy .

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