Whitening and cleaning teeth

Teeth whitening in the clinic of aesthetic dentistry is carried out under the supervision of a competent specialist. In the process of whitening, the dentist uses a concentrate of whitening agent combined with an active effect of special heat and light. Thanks to this technology, the result is visible after the first visit.

Teeth whitening in the aesthetic dentistry clinic allows you to make your teeth white and aesthetic without any damage to the tooth enamel.

Whitening and cleaning teeth

Indications for teeth whitening:

  • yellowing - age-related changes in color;
  • tooth pigmentation;
  • "Tetracycline" teeth of medium and light weight.

The number of procedures and cycles of teeth whitening depends on various factors, in particular on the condition of the mouth and the type of pigmentation. In simple cases, the dentist can whiten teeth in just one session.

The results of tooth whitening also depend on other factors: smoking, eating acidic foods or foods with a high content of coloring substances, for example, coffee or red wine.

Advantages of professional teeth whitening:

  • the procedure is supervised by a specialist;
  • rapid achievement of visual result;
  • use of quality materials.


Whitening and cleaning. Prices
  • From all teeth (2 jaws) 1000 UAH
  • From one jaw 600 UAH
  • From the front unit 400 UAH
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