First aid or how to live until morning

If late in the evening or at night you suddenly had a toothache, try to soften the pain with the help of our recommendations.

Before consulting a dentist, avoid warming up the sore spot with a lotion or compress - such procedures can aggravate the pain or lead to complications.

First aid or how to live until morning

A common misconception in folk medicine is a compress on the gum in the form of a cotton swab dipped in cologne. The result of such self-medication can be a very severe burn of the oral mucosa, which you only unpleasant sensations.

First of all, try very carefully, so as not to injure the gum, remove stuck remnants of food from the interdental space. After cleansing, rinse the tooth with a warm soda solution. The solution is prepared for a glass of water 1 teaspoon of soda. Constantly check that in the future, even the smallest particles of food remain in the tooth.

Calms the pain with medications, for example, all known analgin, sedalgin or baralgina. When toothache is not recommended to take aspirin: the standard dose will not give the expected analgesic effect, and you involuntarily will have to exceed the allowable rate. Anesthetics should be stopped 3 hours before the agreed time of visit to the dentist. Otherwise, the doctor will be difficult to establish the correct diagnosis due to the change in symptomatic manifestations.

In such cases, doctors categorically prohibit the taking of any antibiotics, it is still a responsible decision and should only be taken by a qualified specialist. To use such medications, in any case, it is necessary to approach with caution and take them strictly according to the instructions, observing the prescribed dosage. Not for all drugs, the standard "1 tablet 3 times a day" schedule is applicable. Reception for "reinsurance" of a single dose of antibiotic will not bring relief, but it can cause harm to health. All the procedures described above can be carried out independently before consulting your doctor.

Let's sum up. It should be emphasized once again that when a toothache occurs to the dentist, it is necessary to address urgently. The doctor will be able to provide first aid and relieve acute pain without sealing and removing the sick tooth.

Cost of emergency dental care
  • X-ray 100 UAH
  • Anesthesia application 70 UAH
  • Anesthesia infiltration 100 UAH
  • Anesthesia 150 UAH
  • Filling one canal 300 UAH
  • Removing the filling of the canal 300 UAH
  • Hood excision surgery 400 UAH
  • Operation of a periosteum (opening of an abscess) 400 UAH
  • Extraction of a permanent tooth
  • 1 difficulty level 600 UAH
  • 2 difficulty level 800 UAH
  • 3 difficulty level 1200 UAH
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