Braces installation

Correction of the bite is a decision that can change the quality of your life, because before a beautiful smile all the doors open.

In our clinic, the process of creating a dazzling smile will flow quickly, pleasantly and successfully, because our specialization is the aesthetics of your smile and the health of your teeth.

Why the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry?

  1. Professional teeth cleaning as a gift;
  2. Absolutely unnoticeable transparent brackets;
  3. Installation of braces in 1 visit to the orthodontist;
  4. Correction is required not more often than once in 2 months (self-ligating braces);
  5. Free consultation;
  6. Orthodontist with 12 years of experience;
  7. Correction of the occlusion from the moment when all the molars have grown and at any age.

+ SUPER offer - installment for installation of any kind of bracket-systems.



Brackets: the cost and types of bracket systems

Types of braces

Nowadays, dental clinics offer customers a variety of types of bracket systems: ceramic, metal, sapphire or lingual braces. The prices for different types of bracket systems are significantly different, since they largely depend on the material of manufacture. The choice of a bracket system is a serious decision, since the effectiveness and cost of treatment depends on this, as well as the aesthetic side of the issue.

Therefore, to purchase braces, Kiev is a great place. As a result of great competition, the price is influenced not only by the type of braces - the cost also varies depending on the chosen clinic.

If you are interested in the types of braces, the prices of the bracket system and the technology of their installation - this information will help you to know the answers to your questions.

Metal braces: prices, qualities

Metal braces are considered the most simple and reliable. An important factor is their high strength, due to the use of a metal structure, as well as the minimum friction between the grooves and the arc, due to which the process of dental treatment is greatly accelerated. The only drawback of metal braces is the aesthetic appearance.

However, with this problem, modern orthodontics can cope easily - you can decorate braces with colored elastic bands (ligatures) to your taste.

Metal braces are divided into steel, titanium, and gold. Therefore, even metal braces of value and appearance are different.

The key factor that explains the wide popularity of metal braces is the price. The use of inexpensive materials (with the exception of gold), as well as time-tested technology makes it possible to create high-quality braces, the cost of which is significantly lower than that of other systems. At the same time they are not less qualitative and convenient.

Metal braces, the cost: 15 000 UAH.

Ceramic braces: cost, features

Ceramic braces, the cost of which is higher than that of metallic systems, relate to aesthetic types of bracket systems. A beautiful appearance and high strength ensured the ceramic braces-systems many admirers, both among patients and among doctors-orthodontists. For those wishing to install ceramic braces, Kiev provides a wide range of clinics with different pricing policies.

The ceramic braces system is suitable for patients with tooth enamel of different shades, since this material can have almost any color. Ceramic braces are not oxidized and do not stain, in addition they are much more comfortable than metal braces. The basis of ceramic bracket systems is a crystal with metal impurities. They are divided into two classes: single-crystal and polycrystalline.

Ceramic braces, the cost of which is relatively low, are an affordable option for most patients. They are a good alternative to metal bracket systems, but they need to be worn somewhat longer. It is impossible to name exact price for ceramic braces because it depends on the manufacturer.

Sapphire braces: prices, benefits

Sapphire braces are made of a single crystal of artificial sapphires, characterized by high strength and excellent aesthetic properties. Sapphire braces are optimal for patients who have white tooth enamel, because they are almost transparent. In addition, sapphire braces are not prone to staining and do not retain plaque.

Sapphire bracket systems do not disturb diction and do not cause discomfort in the mouth, which is an advantage, compared to other types of braces. Kiev provides many opportunities for installing sapphire braces-systems - today almost every clinic can install such a design.

Some patients claim that sapphire braces give a certain zest and a special appeal to a smile. Therefore, for many people they are the best option.

Care for sapphire braces is easier than for metal ones. Another argument is their comfort. According to reviews of patients, sapphire braces-systems do not cause inconvenience or irritation. However, when using this type of braces, the bite is corrected more slowly, rather than using metal braces.

Sapphire braces cost significantly more than metal and ceramic bracket systems, which is explained by the specificity of the material. However, when choosing sapphire braces, the price is compensated by aesthetic appearance, as well as by guaranteed convenience throughout the treatment period. If you need to install sapphire braces, Kiev offers the widest choice of clinics and specialists.

Sapphire braces, price: 22 000 UAH.

Lingual braces, cost

Many patients are confused by arches on the visible part of the teeth. For such people, braces that are attached to the teeth from the inner (palatine or lingual) surface have been created - lingual braces. Kiev offers a wide range of dental clinics, where you can install a similar system.

The lingual technique of setting braces is more complicated and requires special training, so the price of lingual braces is much higher than the rest. However, the lingual braces system is an excellent choice for those patients who, besides the effectiveness of treatment, are also interested in the aesthetic appearance of the braces.

Lingual braces, cost. 

For various types of braces prices in dental clinics are different. When choosing braces, Kiev allows you to find the most optimal option for each patient.


Orthodontics. Braces installation. Price
  • Orthodontist consultation 200 UAH
  • Taking diagnostic impressions 500 UAH
Removable orthodontic equipment
  • 1st class 4 000 UAH
  • 2nd class 5 000 UAH
  • 3rd class 6 000 UAH
Fixed orthodontic equipment
  • Bracket system (per jaw)
  • Metal 20000 UAH
  • Sapphire 26 000 UAH
  • Lingual -
  • Correction of non-removable orthodontic equipment 1000 UAH
  • Correction of removable orthodontic equipment 200 UAH
  • Apparatus for rupture of palatine suture 6 000 UAH
  • Apparatus of Gerbst 7 000 UAH
  • Bonding of metal bracket 800 UAH
  • Sapphire bracket bonding 1000 UAH
  • Self-ligating braces 20 000 UAH
  • Gogaren's apparatus 2 500 UAH
  • Non-removable orthodontic retainer 3 500 UAH
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